Want to scale your brand online, make more sales, and get get the exposure that you desire? Welcome to read this article, where I will be discussing Youtube as a brand on its own and how to work with the platform, turn it into a working tool for your business. There are so many income sources for you to invest your time, and right here, Youtube is one of them. YouTube is a social media platform/ website which hosts videos from different creators who upload their content with just a click of a button.

Who founded YouTube?

YouTube was started in 2005 by three persons; Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen.

The three were former employees of PayPal, one of the world’s well known online banks that has existed over the years. They started YouTube as a video blog that later turned out to be a video hosting website that we see today.

In November 2006, Google bought the site for roughly USD $1.65 billion. From that time, Youtube has really grown and because of its popularity today, it even goes beyond its climax paying thousands of creators every single month. As one of Google’s subsidiaries, like Google Adsense, it is an ideal income source.

Today, there are over 4000 watch hours of videos uploaded to Youtube every single minute and it is quite difficult to estimate how many videos result in that. Yeah! It sounds crazy but true. You can imagine how many videos are uploaded every minute and how much money is made within that minute period.

So, how does the Youtube platform work?

Like I said earlier on, Youtube is a website and it can be accessed through its URL; Anyone who visits the platform with or without an account has access to all categories of videos uploaded. People can only watch videos on the Youtube platform when they have access o the Internet. They can also download some videos and save them to their download list within Youtube, so, they can always get back to watch the same video.

The download options are available if the creator of that particular video has made it possible to be downloaded to your list or to your device. This is not a good emphasis for most creators because, if you like or have valued a video, they will expect you to be accessing it right from their channel because they want to get more views from that particular video and that is the main target of every creator.

If you are a content creator, there is a great opportunity here. You could leverage a lifetime income source from scratch. Do you love to watch videos? or do you love to create videos? All the two questions above deserve the answer; YES☑️ for one to get started on Youtube.

YouTube is a learning point for almost 60% of the world’s population but it also turns out to be an income source for creators.

To Be Continued 🙋‍♀️