YouTube’s Feature That All Content Creators Must Use

Every new feature introduced by YouTube has a greater impact on any Channel or video but let’s take a look at this one.2

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Nomatter how much YouTube pays to its content creators every single month without fail. Like every other prolific platform, YouTube is always sourcing for new mechanisms to ensure there is continuous growth in bot hits the audience, and the creator community. I am a  so, I am writing with me inclusive.

It’s been a very subtle move for . Every creator out there curiously creates better content depending on how much time they’ve made for it. A bit of the fact is that no one would want to have to spend more hours looking for/creating content. Not every one of us the content creator community would like to spend time in that instead, we would love to have already made content. We could only be uploading and publishing it to YouTube that would be easier right? That’s pretty much close to a sense of a lazy man’s mind huh!

I don’t create content for one of my channels because it takes more of my time. It’s more than writing an article on Medium. This YouTube feature that I am about to explain is what I do not find many channels using as well– YouTube Shorts yet it’s the best way to go for Lazy Content Creators like me.

YouTube Shorts

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YouTube shorts are 60-second vertical videos that appear/ pop up on YouTube’s home page. When you scroll through several videos downwards, shorts often appear in the middle and they are only shown on YouTube’s mobile app.

Over the past years, YouTube has been focused on a lot more features ranging from its algorithm, the creator studio — initially known as the YouTube studio, and the YouTube partnership program, etc. These were all aimed at seeing the better YouTube that we see now.

But there was a rise of different social networks, however, which seemed to create more traction than YouTube itself did. This means it saw its audience drawing down a little hence, YouTube Shorts was thought of as a possible solution to out-compete for the social sites especially, Ticktock, Instagram and, Reddit.

I am not sure if this strategy has worked for YouTube yet. What I’m certain about is; using Shorts is the quickest way through which any content creator can easily build a huge following within YouTube. They are also the fastest way to reach YouTube’s partnership program. The fact is, YouTube is pushing more short videos to the front page — and many viewers as it’s trying to make this feature popular and cost-effective.

Smaller YouTube channels can dwell on short videos to generate traction thus more views and subscribers. YouTube lays more emphasis on this feature very much than anything else. This may sound extremely exciting and yes, it is but, how do I create a YouTube short?

Last year, in 2020, when this feature was just launched, it was quite a subtle moment that most creators never knew how to use this feature. I never knew how to even create a short video much as I knew it had to be 60 seconds long. When I opted to take a few lessons from expert creators, Rob Williams — the most popular YouTube coach had me covered.

Rob and his team have . I landed on his channel —Vidiq. interested.

I subsequently went through one of his videos about Shorts and it’s such a nuanced experience because I kinder never understood a lot even though it was a bit practical. I noticed that the ‘shorts’ feature was still under test. When I tried to create my first short video, I wasn’t seeing where to place it.

If you never learned how to make shorts for your channel, it’s pretty much simpler. First, I want you to know that YouTube makes this feature available on your channel depending on how big or old your channel may be. I had an older channel—about 2 years old and it’s what I first tried Shorts with. I could only create a video, make it 60 seconds long and upload and see it at the bottom of my channel.

Basing on what I heard from Rob, it’s as if there was another option for short videos. I created a new YouTube channel and tried that same experiment. I could still create a short, upload,d, and publish. But I also noticed that there was an easier way through the ‘create” button. With the YouTube app and the new channel, I could click on the ‘Create” button and see three options: UploadLive and Short. The ‘Short” option is what every channel should have but unfortunately, not all channels have got the feature turned on. If you don’t see this option in your channel, you might need to contact the YT support team to activate it on the Channel.

YouTube shorts are meant to appear at the bottom of all your channel videos by auto/ default mode. So, When you upload and publish one, it will automatically be shown at the bottom of your channel. This is because the section for short videos is located in that position. You can however edit and reposition your shirts by visiting the creator Studio page.

There are high chances that shorts get to appear on YouTube’s first page when they are recommended by the algorithm and if, they should also come with proper and catchy thumbnails. This is a key aspect we all have to follow as second to a perfect title.

YouTube is looking to outcompete for its opponents—the ones I have earlier mentioned above and besides that, they do not need to lag with older strategies. I think it was very surprising when YouTube discovered that a lot of its audience was migrating to other platforms like Ticktock. The reason is; People love to watch short videos especially those who want to be entertained. The way these videos pop up one after the other doesn’t give a viewer time to think of leaving the site. Whatever they watch seems to be entertaining and even though not, they can let it play hoping the next one to be nice. This what YouTube didn’t do before but now, with Shorts, they can frequently retain viewers and keep them around YouTube. So, if that happens, it means the same to your YouTube videos.

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