Start Over Again|It’s Okay|

It’s okay to start it all–over again.

Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash

You can start over with no regret.

Times keep moving but your business isn’t. Having invested all that effort, things are not seemingly doing well. You can’t even wait on it and you probably can’t do a thing either. If it’s a job, you might find yourself quitting before your boss kicks you out.

When certain things don’t seem to work, there is often a practice of “starting things over.” It can be starting over a failed business, a job, a course, a career, or even a life. A start over plan allows looking back and analyzing a cause of the matter why you should do so. Someone told me they can’t start over a new life but I assured her that there is and she can.

You can decide to start over all your daunting business ideas or burdened life. Begin all of it afresh like it’s never been there with you.

Starting over a business idea may occur when your online business has deteriorated and no longer has a decent income source, good customer behavior, and better ROI.

Talk about your social engagement being unproductive. Do you ever realize that some social media posts we make don’t matter a thing? They are only a waste of time.

If you have a social account that is not driving more engagement, drop, start it all over. There is no obligation to start it new. Maybe, the way you created it wasn’t proper.

Give it a new life with the most recent features.

Medium accounts can be restarted. I’ve read stories from writers who say– they aren’t seeing any momentum in their publications even though they put in all their efforts.

That’s not better performance. Start it all over. When I returned to Medium a few months ago, I had thought of deleting all stories I had written.

I had wanted to start everything in a new format. I unfollowed almost 90% of my following accounts. Because following them didn’t benefit me at all. A good bit of the fact is, — Medium helped to get rid of suspected fraudulent accounts so, there is even more authenticity.

I was following the wrong people but I finally fixed right, my fellow community of writers. That’s why you are reading this story because someday, I was reading yours.

It’s okay to start over your Medium publication if it’s not doing well.

Sometimes, if that becomes difficult, take a long break from publishing but never stay away from writer’s block. (…write…)

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