The Easy Way to Start Your Website

What is essential when starting your first ever website?

Jeofrey Ogire20 hours ago·4 min read

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The best and simplest way to build a website

Every business desires to have a website to make it hosted online so people can search and find what you sell. A website is the online version of your business. It is what brings in more customers or clients besides advertising. In other words, it’s another way of promoting your business online.

Why do people or businesses need to have websites?

Perhaps it’s not genuine why, but people create websites for either different or similar reasons.

The first time I felt inspired on starting a website, my motivation drove me to have one of my own, it seemed to had been a joke.

Even though I was passionate about it, I could not hold my peace to learn everything building/ developing one.

I told myself to learn while in it. When I had my hands on an online course— “How to develop a website locally using tools like “free by wheel, apache, and so forth.

All those seemingly compiled a set of new terminologies to me. They got me worried because if at all they ever existed in the very first step of the course, how much more of them was I to meet in the next course levels? I eventually quit it in that manner.

Based on the order, simple to complex, I knew it would get harder in the front probably, in the middle and end of the course so, I had to withdraw from it.

Good enough, I had a basic knowledge of web design so, it was enough to help get started with the site builders.

Don’t you worry; Building a website isn’t at thousand dollar cost.

You don’t need to be like me. Don’t wait to know to code or use Java. It’s a waste of time because at the end of the day, whether you built it locally or with a site builder, they all function the same way. The difference here is simplicity and site speed that’s all. The truth of the fact is you need a modern website that’s got a high-performance speed, an SSL certificate, and above all, should be safe and secure. If you wanted to build it in a “local environment ”— within your computer disk or rather, develop it from scratch, it is more complex than you can think. You will need to understand things like “JavaScript” and “Coding.” I do emphasize and would recommend you to use the best site builders.

Those that are built with PHP instead of HTML-. HTML is an older version of code and it’s not as simplified as PHP. Some people still use it as well.

Content management systems[CMS]– have now moved on to have their live site builders help their clients get started easily. They cut off the biggest sabotage for people who aspire to create websites today. Way back it was only experienced developers who could be hired to build or develop websites and having a website at the time was too expensive. If even now, the cost of managing a website seems to be a little bit high how about those days when you still had to hire a developer?

Choosing to have a website built and designed by an expert can cost you much. The easiest way to go cheaper on it is “site builders.” which can be used on your mobile device. You can build your site and edit it from a phone and correct or perfect a few things from the computer.

Top Ten site builders in 2021, to put into consideration

Site builders are designed according to a couple of variables. First, let’s come to understand that site builders are chosen depending on the type and purpose of the website to create. They come along with paid plans as provided by web hosting sites.

Best templates designs that give your website a decent look on the outside. It’s suitable for website designers and e-commerce sites.

The fastest way to build sites. If you need a quick and faster website, check out the “GoDaddy” services and site builder.

Do you need a blog, here; WordPress gives the best experience when it comes to building blog websites. There is truly none to compare it to.

Is suitable for small or mini businesses websites that don’t need to gain an international reach. Interestingly, weekly is cheaper and absolute.

Wix is the overall of all. It has almost everything all the other site builders have got. I like the quality of content and layout of Wix-hosted sites.

Simplest with great help and support making it suitable for those with completely zero experience of coding.

Strikingly simply provides amazing value for money

Generally, Zyro is only for the basics. It’s for sites that are meant to have basic features and probably for doing simple things like collecting donations or selling digital downloads.

Has cheap and Ads-free plans best for nonprofit organizations

If you want to have multiple sites connected to the main, here is Duda. It enables you to have many sites or mini sites normally know as sales pages.

While you think of the best builder, note that most of them don’t come for free not until you’ve activated a hosting plan. Also, different hosting plans come with the same or more features as for the site builder itself. With all that said, premium hosting services usually give access to all site builder tools so, be mindful of what to choose for your website.

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