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Why do we need SEO anyway?

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I need “SEO” at my fingertips. You need it too– probably, everyone with content whether on Medium or some other place, needs this animal know as “Search Engine Optimization.” In a bid to get articles to perform better in the search results, “SEO” is necessary. In this article, I wish to mention a few facts about it. A couple of months ago, I wrote about it and that article was, just the introduction of the topic— SEO. That exact introductory article was very detailed and formatted in a step-by-step manner. You may go find it below.

How-To Rank-Content-on-Google-Pages If You Are Not an Expert

Also, in addition to that, SEO writing tips you can practice to ensure you do it on the go. Here is just another article on how to write keeping in mind, the search engines.


It guides anyone new to Search Engines to know better, what SEO is. While I was making a draft for that article, I remember I had a plan to study and digest the worthiness of Search Engines and how their Optimization will help creators.

The results were so insightful afterward unfortunately, they weren’t meant to appear in that same article. It was just an exception to have them combined with the intro so, now, here it comes in its most preferred manner.

The “SEO” industry is still young even though it started in the early 90s. It’s because it hasn’t had many people involved in it so far ever since then. It has few individuals who support its existence here on the internet. If not websites, where else is SEO applicable? You realize it’s only websites that require rankings– a service gives by the SEO experts.

The idea of “SEO” was invented with/ following the rise of many websites, especially in 1990, 1992.

The first search engine is arguably said/ believed to be Archie followed by a couple of others like Architext, Bing, and Webstar.

When these were established, many new websites needed to get recognition, but the only way through by then was “SEO” and even up to date it still serves a greater purpose.

What happened afterward?

In the later years, around 2000, when Google introduced its first website and search engine, it propelled a rapid rise in the level of competition of content creators across the internet meaning, more websites were established.

The writers needed SEO to see to it that their websites/blogs get more recognized here and there among others.

Today, Creators of video content, likely, blogs, podcasts, films, and short inspirations also need SEO to get their videos discoverable on the internet.

It’s all because there is massive content and more competition among the various content creators.

Sometimes it even feels like it doesn’t work on certain crowded websites like YouTube. But if you put in more effort, you can get recognition to stand out from the crowd.

Search engines play a very crucial role as far as web management is concerned. They help to index raw content like texts, images, memes, videos, and graphics and make them ready to be read or viewed.

Photo by Girl with a red hat on Unsplash

Without them, we would not be able to find information on the internet. After indexing, they send information to the web servers to be stored as processed information ready for viewing or use.

With an increased need for websites by many different businesses, however, everyone who owns one must go through something known as SEO. It’s not something anyone can learn slightly and get in straight away.

Experts in search engine optimization take more than five years to gain experience while working in the industry. They want to get to understand how the search engines behave in certain circumstances with different content types or forms.

It takes ample time to understand search engines though.

If you hired an expert to work on any of your projects, maybe to optimize a video, an article, a blog post, a website, or any form of content.

I’m very sure that they would charge you expensively. The fact remains; we need it on our content.

Experts in the SEO industry earn a lot of money. Deciding to use one should be well thought about because you know it’s a deal of money you’re likely to spend on them.

You need that “SEO”

As I said, any form of content that’s meant to appear online aimed at going viral has to be optimized for the search engines. I know we may not be in a position to slap our pockets due to our financial instabilities– that’s not a big deal. You need to have SEO and I want to see better performance in those articles.

However much we don’t get it, however much you don’t know how to optimize a single post, at least there’re some aspects we can touch and run away feeling we’ve done something.

Let’s try these with the main objective targeted to what we write on Medium.

Now, we all have published articles and I’m sure that we’ve all got drafted articles in the stories section. Whether on not you have them, here is the thing;-

“SEO’ on Medium is very much easier to work on. It’s only applicable to your “title” and “subtitle” and sometimes, the alt text.

To rank your articles on Medium and make them discoverable outside of Medium, you can do this in just a minute. From your draft, click on the three dots– ••• at the top right-hand corner in between your avatar and medium’s logo.

Drop down and click on settings to open the article for more settings. We’ll see details of the draft starting with the featured image.

You can choose and change which image appears in the feed different from that in the article.

When you scroll down, it’s the title that comes next. You can also edit or change the title of the article.

Whatever you will change is what search engines will read and use. By the time you are doing this, a good title with strategic keywords should have been the best.

And so, just below the title is of course its subpart. The subtitle— just like the title, you will do the same here. That’s how simple it is to go through Medium’s post SEO. You need this to get more views on your articles thus, increasing the chances of being curated. You can only do the above while logged in from a desktop.

Medium only focuses on writers and readers. All its content is consumed from within. That explains why it has simple SEO features. It even finds it irrelevant to have its content ranked because readers don’t need to be from outside Medium. I hope this comes to you at the right time.

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