Do Your Competitors Owe You Something

Got several competitors? Sometimes you got to feel like asking them for what belongs to you or possibly/simply request them to stop competing with you. There are so many nasty things that go on in your little mind every time you’re publishing something— a blog post, or a social media post, yet you know, another is there to bring it down. Those; with competition inclusive, result in very big thoughts. If you’re someone who’s always doing things and having so much envy, you might be a number one competitor of yourself. Being in that (bracket) or so, competition either gets you to win or lose. I hope you get it right.

While experiencing it, you will certainly notice the impact it has on your business or whatever you’re focusing on.

Even poor performance at the workplace may come your way because someone is yarning to take up your position.

We’ve seen this happening to our friends but maybe;-

You are uncertain about it though but if you work hard to silence the competition, chances are; you have more success.

There is no such a thing here on Medium anyone can prove me wrong if they have a point contrary to this. Generally, writing is an art where you can find your voice.

Once you find your own, you can horn it and definitely, speak and write for your audience. I don’t feel any competitors on Medium though and that’s perhaps good news.

The drama rotates around the world of entrepreneurs/ businessmen, companies, and industries. They are ones practicing and fostering each other to compete.

I like it though when businesses compete against each other because I know, for one reason, we can get better goods and services delivered in a better way.

Imagine the kind of services Microsoft would be providing to its customers if at all Apple hadn’t come to exist.

What would have Amazon done in Africa if Jumia hadn’t been founded? I think these two would have been so reluctant to produce low-quality goods.

By the fact that Apple invented services and products similar to Microsoft’s, it forced Microsoft to reinvent a new set of strategies.

In this case, we would see that one company was trying to be dependant on the other but what happened later on?

We see Apple become Microsoft’s strong competitor even up to date.

Then you ask — what does Apple owe Microsoft?

— — — — — — — — — — — — - — — –

I don’t know the answer yet. Let me give you another example of these companies. This is the most popular of all. We’ve all ever taken at least a little soda.

If it’s so, that you have never, I’m sorry to say, you are in your world. Okay!, whether you take it or not, at least you’ve heard about and seen these everywhere.

They’ve been displayed a lot in big ads banners across your city. These two giant brands sound extremely popular across the globe.

We’ve “Coca-cola” and “Pepsi.” They have been in existence for decades. What I like about them is that they silently treat their competition.

They wouldn’t even want to show the other that they are doing it. It’s hard to believe that both #CEOs of these two meet and discuss their plans.

As an ordinary consumer of any of these brands’ products, you can only tell that there is competition among them simply by comparing their produce/ products.

Here, when Coca-cola manufactured “Coke”, Pepsi came up with “Pepsi Cola”.

Today, if Coca-cola makes any energy drink like “Powerplay” or any other, Pepsi will bring “Sting” or probably another. So, you can see how things happen in their competitive world.

That’s only about the two brands but there other competitors along the line like “Riham” also producing almost the same products as Coca-cola. In this type phase, you can notice that Coca-cola is more inventory but;

Coca-Cola is being outcompeted though in the market despite the years it’s been there.

And again, I ask;- Do the two companies — Pepsi and Riham have awe on Coca-cola or they Owe it something?

Yes, Riham and Pepsi do have awe on Coca-cola that’s why they copy it. No, Look! Coca-cola, or rather, Microsoft in this case, has been the inventors of new ideas in the market. They invest a lot of money into research, design, and modeling of new products and services for the consumers. This is what every company or manufacturer should do. But surprisingly, some of these companies depend on others. It looks like Apple and Pepsi/ Riham depend on Microsoft and Coca-cola respectively. This means, whatever Microsoft or Coca-cola is planning to launch, the others are there to copy the new invention. They are owing to Microsoft or Coca-cola every new project/ idea it launched. I think Riham must be owing much for the many different products it has manufactured so far as coped from Coca-cola.

Mmm! Did I get my question answered? Yes or no– NO

And how do your competitors owe you though?

I think your competitors owe you anything they took or copied from you without your permission. For example, if someone copied your article and published it in their blog without your consent.

Having competitors isn’t bad. It’s okay, to be with them. Some people, however, misunderstand this in business. Two businesses may compete but their owners should never have such a thing transferred on to their social life. I have observed a couple of businessmen in the same business category don’t openly communicate with each other. It’s ironically obscene if you’re that kind of person. It’s way too backward I even name it selfishness. At least, people can talk and give advice but one thing I have realized; people are also selfish with business ideas. Sometimes you become that selfish person in the business, you are most likely to be outcompeted. Your colleagues will begin to investigate and study you. They will try to discover your areas of weakness and use that to bring you down.

Final thoughts on Competitors

I thought businesses men are supposed to share the same idea and even though everyone had to work hard on their own.

That’s what brings about competition. We would not be having the negative side of competition but it’s there, we have others getting knocked off-road as they fall apart.

If you get knocked out of the competition, then you know someone must have used their ideas, inventions, and methods to kick you out. They will owe you that all.

Your competitors owe you what they took from you. It could be, your inventive idea, thought, skill, and general knowledge.

If it were all fine, I would be asking and hunting for compensation from my competitor world. Sounds crazy huh!

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