Don’t Get So Excited To Start It Yet: Copywriting As A career

Jeofrey Ogire4 min read

Hold on, please!

What lures people to delve much into copywriting?

I have many poignant experiences drawn from this career. On a contrary, Copywriting is a good Job. How about, you being such a talented copywriter? There is a reason why I think everyone would delve into and dwell in this copywriting. I don’t think it could be anything like;– the love to write. No. Maybe it’s how much worthy copywriting is. First, Let’s look into copywriting’s net worth. On average, an expert copywriter earns about— $53k–$57k per anum. While we break down these figures every month, we will come to $4000– $5000 per month. In my country, this is quite a lot of money if converted. That’s roughly (depending on the exchange rates)Ugx.14,400,000. Comparing these figures to the monthly salary in Uganda, a copywriter’s salary ranges from Ugx.750,000– Ugx.1,250,000 per month which is $208 and $304 respectively. And, you’ll realize that it’s a lot of money in my country but I don’t feel these shouldn’t be what copywriters earn. Really? Is that equivalent to all that they do? A freelance SEO manager can even earn beyond these sums we’ve just seen. In the SEO industry, freelancers are the lowest paid with an average salary of $35k to $49k while experts go beyond a $100k level.

A dedicated blogger as well can earn as much as these figures every month. Then you may now ask yourself– where is the copywriter?

“Copywriting involves a couple of advanced marketing tasks or activities, to be honest, and it’s tiresome and hectic — a kind of job that awes its employees’ decent pay.”

Do you consider taking 57K dollars a year for a copywriting job? You might think it’s a lot of money but look, I know that $4000 to $5000 per month can pay you off some bills right? This isn’t however, the equivalent of all the copywriting tasks someone does as a copywriter.

Copywriting involves writing email copies for marketing, writing product— descriptions, newsletters, blog posts, social posts, white paper, and so forth. To perform all these tasks, you will need to study the products and come up with clear details of each one of them.

You need ample time and dedication

One of the reasons why writers come with bad “copy” and later on, poor results is they perform the given tasks and become exhausted at the end of the day. As a copywriter, your practices have to be done at least every day.

Looking at some of the copywriting practices here;- you will understand the daunting copywriter’s work. You need a salary pay of at least $90,0000 per year. This would make sense while you do all these practices….

…….. I feel like I want to burst out when I see this whole list of to-do daily activities.

It gets me tempted to Question you

Can you be in a position to complete all ten of those tasks every day?

The answer remains with you. Well, it might be that tedious work in the first years of joining the copywriting sector. As a beginner, you will always face so many challenges especially issues to deal with time management.

Who knows what expert copy makers have to say, perhaps most of them after gaining enough experience, specialized in only one or two things. They cut off the daily tasks and instead, focus on a single easy option which also means cutting the pay per year.

Honestly, I would have emphasized copywriting more but there is just much work involved in it. I can’t even compare it to Search Engine Optimization which has a relatively higher pay.

Do you wish to give a thought to this one? Leave it below.

You may not deserve this type of job if you’re incompetent enough. If you’re like me who always need more time on things that I do.

All I want to say is writing copy is good but it’s not easy and so is the job itself. Copywriting requires much time ivestme– ent than even money. It’s is exhausting and yet persons who do it are often paid less compared to other industry jobs. Why not opt for the others instead? I appear to be raising a concern I hope I’m not alone.

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