You Think You Were Born With Some Skill or Talent

Do you know what skills you were born with? If so, are you utilizing them?

Jeofrey Ogire 5 min read

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Doyou often get this feeling that “maybe what you’re currently doing doesn’t match orcorrespond with the skill you think you were born with?” A couple of odds usually have and feel it that way. You see, we are all created in God’s image, and because we are, he gives his knowledge to us at the time of birth. But to be able to use it, you have to grow into it. Within that knowledge is where he gives us the ability to do certain tasks. Not every one of us can do what others can.

We can do specific tasks that others can not. “That’s talent.” Having skills that are unique from others. This is one of the facts to define our differences.

We are different in the way we do things. I will give you an example here– “writing” is a skill and we know that not everyone can write.

Among those who can make it, not all of them will write the same way. There are those with a higher writing speed— that’s also their talent. So, we have writing as a skill, and the speed at which they do it becomes their talent.

Even the early man — “Homo sapiens” had the knowledge and skills. I imagine he knew how to produce fire by stone.

I’m sure 90% of us living today will fail if asked to produce fire from stones. It’s a skill that the early man had. Among the early men, some were talented fire makers

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Which brings us to the question– what is talent?

Talent is just the natural ability to do something. And skill is how you do something. These two are somewhat related though.

There’re many skills with us but the funny bit is; we are not utilizing them. School is a place to learn about new things, acquire more knowledge and skills. We all go here and learn whatever we need to.

Sometimes we get mislead especially with the systems of Education and skills we have to tend to get buried down our feet. In some places or countries rather, the system of Education is so ineffective. I can say — “very poor.”

It’s inefficient in such a way that students are not mentored to their rightful professions. They reach higher levels of education while they still don’t know where they are heading to. They don’t know what career or course they should pursue in the future. You can’t ideally see where your education is destined.

In my opinion, which of course other sectors have advocated for, the system of Education needs to be changed and a new curriculum adopted to change the whole teaching-learning structure.

In this arrangement, we would have specified studies beginning at the early stages of childhood.

A child’s skill would be determined based on a few factors given the fact that their parents’ occupation is known.

If one of the child’s parents was good in athletics, it’s possible a child must have inherited the same skill so, they must be taught too.

They would be made to specify studies in certain subjects that align with their skills alongside the major ones like the English Language.

That way, a child will grow to their naturally given skill with enough guidance and abundant knowledge in that area of specification. And other necessary skills would be learned from school as it is now.

To my surprise, this is not the case though. From my country, I had to study and reached a higher /advanced level. After completing this level I didn’t know what to go for next. If I was guided properly, maybe I would have chosen to pursue an engineering course at the university level.

I ignorantly ended up in a college studying to become a teacher. It’s something that I had never thought of even though I am now a proud teacher because I was mentored into the teaching profession.

Before I went to college, there are some little things which I loved to do in my leisure. My mother could find me fidgeting with little metal wires often hard to bend trying to create car toys.

She whipped me for that. My father too would do the same. They didn’t realize what I was capable of doing. All they wanted was to see me playing around with either a pen or a book. It’s just a funny thought they had in their minds.

I remember I used to make electrical connections too with tiny wires around the home to provide light at night. It was my pleasure to see that there is light at home.

We never had electricity but I came up with some ideas on how to produce light from a tiny bulb and one tiny battery. It was a skill that I had learned on my own.

With these, skills, I knew that I would become an engineer so, I studied hard and did well in science subjects.

I liked the “physics” subject so much even though it was the hardest for me. It’s probably what gave me the lowest grade. But this is a path that I should have followed.

Now, I don’t do any funny wiring or make toy cars at home maybe it’s because I’m grown up. Or maybe because I have other things to do. As a child, I could only play with wires and was so passionate about creating car toys.

This day, I don’t even have or think of doing any engineering or teaching-related job. All this is because my dreams were shattered not only by my parents but also by the current system of Education. I do not have a talent. I only have skills now.

There’re tendencies where persons fail to use their God-given talents. Even that is happening because maybe you haven’t yet asked yourself what is it that you are capable of doing. What unique thing can you do that’s different from all the others. Is it art & craft, athletics, fishing– whatever it is name it?

Ask yourself those who questions and if you find an answer, if it’s okay, drop them in the comments section.

5 thoughts on “You Think You Were Born With Some Skill or Talent

    1. Oh! Yes, I could still become an engineer or inventor but I think my interests have changed ever since then. I don’t feel I should be working for any boss or my government. Recently I got a government job even when I wasn’t ready for it. I accepted it because It’s the only thing to keep me away from home for some time. At the workplace, I often get more time to write which gives me more hope in this writing hustle.

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