How To Be Productive In Marketing: Basic guide

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

Work is the major aspect of life for every sensible human. By work, we’ll embrace ourselves so we can have what our lives need, and, also have what it gets us to clear up bills or maintain the day-to-day expenses. It’s obvious that is money. And it’s a reason why everyone wants to at— least have a better–paying permanent job today.

We’re all aware that such jobs are scarce today everywhere, People like “me”, “you”, “him”, “her”, and “them” are always hunting for ways to find/earn/receive or get paid with money. It’s what can enable them to bring food to the table every day. We’re always on the lookout.

At least there’re legitimate ways that have helped several people to sustain a living right from the times of their difficult life.

Marketing is an industry with several departments and more so, jobs — most of which are part-time. Even getting them is not enough because, at anytime, you can be told to leave.

Companies fire and hire workers to take up vacant positions whenever they want to. Firing a digital marketer without any wrong doesn’t mean a big loss to any of those big companies.

Assuming you’re currently working and things just overturn on you. You are fired from work.

What do you have at hand to sustain a living while jobless? Perhaps you must have been having a plan that in case one or two things don’t go well with my job, I should have alternative ‘B.” Do you have such a plan?

They can let you go but the job will stay. Marketing will never go away and no business is willing to get out of it since it’s the heart of a digitally standing business.

Let’s assume you’ve been doing sales and marketing for a big company like Tesla. “You get fired” 5 years after working for the company. Would you still be that productive at what you used to do for the company?

We are on the topic– “Being productive as in marketing” right? The question’s would you be? If I was meant to answer this, I would say I’m capable and I’m productive.

How should one possibly become productive?

There is something I’ve recently studied and noticed about a friend of mine. His name is Dickens Obai and lives with me here in Uganda.

Dickens is a medical doctor who happens to be my real immediate neighbor, even at this time of writing I am with him. Dickens has worked for a private hospital for more than four years but recently, he started his own. Congratulations to “Dk.” Yeah, that’s the name we gave him.

He didn’t leave his initial job because, he was fired from work but it was his own decision. He had made up a plan while working for the four years time.

What I noticed is that when he left his job, he had already made connections in regards to what he was going for next.

He spread the news about his new hospital and at the time of its launch, he’d already gotten clients. He moved 70% of client’s from the initial work place to his new hospital.

Two weeks later, he tells me he was doing well but there was only one challenge. He lacked enough funds to buy much stock. I supported him financially and everything is okay on his side.

That was an example of a productive man who’s been able to stay productive even after leaving the official job that paid him. Does anybody have a similar story to tell?

To be a product marketer, there are genuine things you will need to take and prioritize seriously.

One is a willingness to sacrifice your time.

There is a common, yet popular saying that; — “Time Is Money.” Indeed time is money.

Many people use these phrases and never even get to know the meaning. Time and money are very different things but they these two are only jargons. Here is what it means.

What this phrase means is that;– “when you waste more time on unproductive things, you get little or no money but if you invest more time in productive work, you will get more money.”

Even chasing after time alone without reasonable goals or expected achieves is like literally hunting a poisonous deadly animal.

You must be willing to sacrifice enough of your time to marketing since it involves a lot of activities. Just managing social accounts alone is so tedious enough that you can sit on them all day long.

I work for twelve hours every single day of my life but I still make time for things like Medium, Linkedin, and YouTube even though they don’t get enough of my time.

Time is money, time is what determines how much money you make. And money is what you count on. At times you even timetable yourself.

Get specific schedules for each day of the week. And don’t forget to have extra time to rest.

Secondly, Mastering your art

No digital marketer has ever been open to tell me they learned marketing online.

The little bit of the fact, is;–most of them didn’t go to school to study marketing or learn networking skills and here I am.

However, regardless of the school if not, institution, online class, or webinar, marketing is the same thing and it has the same topics taught. Mastering the art of digital marketing is what matters enough.

Some people finish a course while they haven’t understood 60% of it yet they’re ready to jump into marketing. This mostly happens with online courses.

And this is self-deceit. Probably a waste of time. It can never be “Money” like they say. If don’t score with better results, it means you fail. Retake the course and be like you’re a fresh student in that course.

Look here! If I know that I’m not sure how to do “A” and “B”, why would I say I am a professional in that? Or why would I say, I want to try it. In marketing there are no trials.

Marketers like these are what they call, “short-lived” in the industry.

They only focus on what’s at hand, they forget about who they should be in the future. It must begins now such that in future, you will be given names;– “expert” “mentor”, “senior” and so on.

So, it’s very much important to know what you are good at other than pretending to know– yet you can’t do any thing.

Thirdly and lastly; Understanding your Audience.

Photo by Product School on Unsplash

Before venturing into the marketing stuff/ business, every marketer is always told or rather, would’ve known that they need to have a niche.

Marketers that work for companies may automatically find a niche within the company’s product or service. It’s actually a category where what you are selling w’ll belong to.

And while those working at self-employed businesses, also know what niche their business belongs to. It’s what you must know first before everything else follows.

After knowing your niche, understanding your product is necessary whether it’s your own or a company’s.

You will want to know how the products work, and how they will be of benefit to the consumers so you can tell them.

And now, you have your product but you typically need someone or people to buy the product.

How do you know the right people to buy this product?

You know what problem that product is to solve right? Find people with problems associated with that.

To be more productive here, you need either a large or minimal audience it will depend on what you are selling.

If the company is hiring you for marketing tasks for its new product among the many different products it is producing, it’s fine to reach back into the company’s customer database to access customers’ personal information. Reach out to them.

The same customers may indeed pick up interest in the new company’s product.

Those will be the first priority before you think of looking for new customers.

And here is a relevant question you might ask now….

What if it’s my own product that I’m marketing?

With the example, I gave earlier on, about my friend, Isaac, we can see that work ethic was never touched. He left his job peacefully.

Now, let’s bring it on like this;-If I got fired from Amazon today, after working for several years, I would leave that’s okay?

For several years, we all know that there have been lots of connections I should have made with clients/ customers on Amazon.

And I have all the necessary skills and knowledge to do exactly what I had been doing for Amazon.

I could probably call away most of my closest Amazon customers to my product/business instead. It’s just a matter of manipulating things. Use the knowledge and experience that you got while there and apply it in your own business.

This means I have already established an audience that I understand The power of an email list enables you to do reach out successfully.

Have you ever wondered why some big companies don’t want their workers to work for them for long? It’s because they don’t need you to master how things are fully run or done.

It’s a logic they use – they think that you may gain more skills and start your own which brings about competitors. I have seen this happening time after time in some companies in different places.

My productivity would also depend on how big I grow my audience. This takes us back to all-time investment. We need to invest a lot of time in whatever we do for a living.

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