Copywriting: 13 Practices To Making a Compelling Email Marketing Copy

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Make high lead converting email copies after reading this article.

This article is mainly about email writing and marketing strategies and inside it, I’m going to walk you through 13 basic ways/aspects and practices to follow and make a compelling well-written email copy. I have seen several entrepreneurs, aspiring marketers, and Freelancers especially the beginners and even those intermediate level struggle with copywriting. Coming up with a text to run an email marketing campaign is normally a difficult game and experience but if you know how to do it, maybe you can only bother yourself on time. How long you may take to come up with one of a kind that converts like crazy

How long will it take you to come up with a copy? 

If this article comes in the right manner, it will make things a walkover for you. Do you write reach-out emails or newsletters? This is a very easy task as it’s all about typing–anybody can write up a friendly email and forward it to a friend right?

And in the same way, you will write your copy but this has to be treated as very much important. Give it all your attention and time and write in a way that you’ll count on it and experience a better ROI.

So, first things first.

This should be obvious in every/all your pieces of written copy.

Let it being with a relevant question


Make it a little bit newsworthy.

News is what people would like to read or listens to. Like every morning, I wake up to my phone to check what went on in the few hours of sleep.

Take it from me, the first email I usually open is that news-worthy type. If it’s not there yet, I have to wait till it comes. You want to make your copy belong here.

People want and love to hear about what is going on around them and this is how to grab their attention to read your email. If the copy is not attractive, no one will be interested to read it.

Be as specific as possible.

There is a lot of spam content going into people’s inboxes today. Everyone is quite keen on what type of emails they should receive or rather, see.

In this case, even mailing service sites/ providers, tend to be very technical. They know how to differentiate between good and bad mail.

The good ones definitely will be sent and can be seen directly by the receiver. The bad ones are normally kept in the spam box and are usually marked with red ink.

The spam box is where people don’t even wish to check or rather go just because it’s a dangerous zone–where scammers are hidden though some of them are not true. Yes, your mail can also end up here depending on how you wrote it.

Being specific with rightful information. Be mindful of the choice of words to be used, for example, using pictorial–noun is advisable for the simplicity or your copy.

With this, you can gain recognition and could build a good reputation and trust from your followers. For sure, they can be transformed into true, loyal customers.

Your copy will never end up in that spam box. Also, it should take into account how long a reader should read your copy.

It’s “97’’ sales,” not “almost 100.”

I talked about being specific but I hadn’t mentioned this particular one. Here is a common mistake marketers make when writing copy–

Trying to convince the reader yet you tell them things in form of estimates. Who’s gonna believe what you’re trying to say? It’s very vital to be specific like I earlier on mentioned.

If the product or service costs $223, it has to be this exact figure not “more than $20 $200”, “about $223”, “almost $200”, or any other estimate. It ain’t gonna help you at all.

Sell advantages, not things.

Way back in 2018, I never knew how to sell through email marketing. I was just a newbie in the marketing system and was probably trying things out -just practicing.

With a few contacts of mine at the time, I often tried to reach out with a few offers, I think I didn’t know what I was doing.

This man didn’t even see the future in this email marketing but he kept on trying out until I learned that I had to deeply get to understand my offers/ products before I began recommending them to my friends.

I used to sell things/products/services as a name and not their advantages. How wrong was I?So, selling the advantages, however, tells the reader what they can expect from the product/service when/if they buy it.

You want to be exemplary in this case, to make them believe that you know exactly what you are telling/ recommending to them.

What’s in it for the buyer?

What’s in for the buyer? I am one of the odds who prefer buying products with bonuses.

Digital products mostly come along with bonuses as a way of appreciation for someone buying it.

It can be a free ebook, a novel, or another digital product. I’ve seen big companies give things like gift cards which can be used to retrieve money from the card owner.

While you make a copy, always remember to tell them about the bonuses inside. It could be the last thing that finally changes the reader’s mind to buy your offer.

Focus on the major needs and desires of the reader.

I imagine you are going through an email copy sent to you from ClickBank’s virtual assistant, or Microsoft or Nike-that company well known for its superb wear.

And you probably seem to know them, what are some of the things you would be needing or expecting to achieve from that specific mail copy?

From your perspective, you will need to think deeply and understand what problem your service/ product is to solve or address to that exact customer/reader.

Make it emotional.

Speaking about emotions, a majority of people emotional. Even a mere read can changes someone’s emotional feeling.

If emotional speeches are most solemnly heart-touching stories, even emotional writings in an email copy can do the same

Even though writing about products and all their benefits is necessary, it’s also encouraged to add a slice of your user experience using the product or service.

Here is when emotions can be derived by telling how you suffered at first, how that product saved you “time” and “money” if this is necessary to say.

By doing this, you write with the reader or customer in mind and probably want them to feel or fulfil their needs like you.

Give it some personality.

If you want your copy timely effective, readers will keep opening your future emails without hesitating;–Just do this one thing–personalize your copy.

Do you ever receive emails that do not mention your name? No. I don’t think it often happens.

Emails that do not mention a receiver’s name, look as though they originate from strangers. Oh! yes, they do.

And if they do, that’s gonna hurt the entire marketing campaign resulting in little [ROI] returns on investment.

Entertain them.

Entertainment is also very vital especially with long copies. Think of something to bring in some motivation.

You know the which words to use and must know to connect this entertainment bit of it to the main topic.

A copy that not only has rightful/specific information but also, entertains the reader rolling their eyes down the lines to finish the whole email.

Ask more questions as subheads.

When I watered listing these techniques/tips, I mentioned something like;- starting a copy with a relevant question.

A question that they can never fail to understand–with personality observed.Mention their name and then bring on your question.

Doing this makes them know that you are ready to help them increase they have any questions to ask. It show your readiness to help them out with what you’re selling to them.

Format and punctuate for clarity and simplicity.

I think this is self-explanatory so, no need to add more don’t in here. It’s pretty short and precise and, it is straight to the point. You don’t have to make it so difficult to be read and understood by the reader.

Use active verbs, and pictorial nouns.

Active verbs make your copy or rather, writing stand out. This is quite a big consideration in many types of writing. Remember, you are write to be like that Pro- copywriter.

Also, don’t forget to write in present tense because, people don’t wanna listen to or read history. They still won’t believe you.

Re carp.

  1. Start it with a relevant question.
  2. Make it a little bit newsworthy.
  3. Be as specific as possible.
  4. 97 sales not almost 100.
  5. Sell advantages not things.
  6. What’s in it for them.
  7. Focus on the major needs and desires.
  8. Make it emotional.
  9. Give it some personality.
  10. Entertain them.
  11. Ask more questions inform of sub-headings.
  12. Format and punctuate for clarity and simplicity.
  13. Use active verbal and pictorial nouns.

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