How Much On Average Is a Writer’s Pay In The United States

Jeof Ogire10 hours ago·4 min read

Do writers get paid highly enough?

Welcome to read writer’s pay– per–year article. This article may be boring or rather talk about irrelevancies, or it may be inspirational or mortivative. No matter what it is, It’s very important to be aware of certain things. It’s probably beneficial for people searching for writing jobs in the U.S. These pay rates may make you change your mind and take a better decision/direction to your future career especially if you’re a writer. So, about an hour ago, I’d been pondering and wondering so much on this topic. In fact, my thoughts almost grew wild for one or more reasons but— “How much writers earn in general every year” is what I want to share with you here on Medium.

Later on, I remembered there was an old draft in my long–list of unpublished articles so, I picked it up and it only elaborates more on writer’s earnings across the different locations within the United States.

This is it. I wrote this following the recent survey results of salaries in different industries. These statistics were generated with the help of individual surveys across different survey platforms/sites including LinkedIn as the major job recruitement and career guidance site.

The results have been collected from writers who took the salary surveys on different sites. This is only about the writer’s salaries in the U.S. On average, writers from the New York City Metropolitan Area alone have a salary base of –$64,400/yr and the payments range from between—$30,500- $102,000.

While these metrics may be estimates, some writers can go beyond these figures depending on what they write and who they write for. According to the LinkedIn writer salary statistics, people writing for companies like Amazon are the ones that mostly–constantly get higher pays compared to those working privately/self publishing. As a community of content creators, we all should know how much we can get paid if we join which company or choose what to write.

Company salaries for writers

Writer Salaries

Like I said, companies seem to be paying highly for example, all Amazon’s writer salaries range in between–$50,000-$90,000 per year even in places I will not mention in the list below and others are recorded up to $100,000. To begin with, Los Angeles comes as the leading location with the highest pay ever. See more below.

  1. Applied Media

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area–$82,000 per annum which ranges for $64,300-$107,000. These are very large amounts though.

2 . Amazon

Amazon is one large enterprise that runs in almost all states of the U.S but it’s surprising that it’s salaries are a little bit lower compared to other companies. On average, Amazon salaries for writers stipulate in amounts— $50,000-60,000 and this is not greater than Applied Madia. We’ll take a look into Amazon’s performance in a few states.

  • Greater Orlando— $53,100 per annum. Salary rage– $36,900-$76,400.
  • Cincinnati Metropolitan Area—$58,000 per annum has a salary range of $40,300-$83500.
  • Greater Boston—$65,500 per year ranges from $34,400-$105000. Sacramento—$66800 per year. Range- $46,400-$96,100.
  • Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area— $59,400 per year with a salary range of $41,300-$85500.
  • Greater Milwaukee —$58600 per annum has a salary range of $40,700-$84,300.

3. Tata Consultancy Services

  • Greater Saginaw- Midland- Bay City Area— $43,000 p/a and salaries range from– $28,600-$64,700

Most of these salaries are based on full time job earnings. However, some writers earn these figures as part time, for example, Ghost writers. Copywriters as well fall in here and I guess their salaries are way higher than what is mentioned here. I don’t want to talk about Copywriting because I know that’s the most paid type of writing. It’s pay is beyond the other writing services. Maybe in another article, we’ll come to discuss it as well but here is a list of top paying locations in the U.S for writers of all kinds

Top paying locations for “writer”

San Francisco Bay Area—$79,600/yr

Greater Seattle Area—$73,900/yr

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area—$70,000/yr

Also, Greater Boston—$70,000/year.

Finding a corporate write jobs in one the companies mentioned above is something cool. I know there are people who would love to do self publishing– that’s surprisingly the way I am. I don’t like to work for others especially when terms and conditions are strictly followed. The above jobs may subject you to such conditions which a personal job/self employment wouldn’t. You know what I am talking about huh!

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