Medium’s Partnership Program For Non. U.S Residents/ How I worked it out

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Stripe is failing you to earn your money/ and you can’t get paid by one of the best online writing platforms in the world because you don’t have the necessary documents stripe needs.

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“I want out.”

“I want out of Medium.”

If I can remember very well, this is exactly what someone had to say in the beginning of his article.

He mentioned this in the title of his article when trying to cry out loud for Medium to devise a way of catering for writers living outside the United States. He was disturbed by the fact that his articles were making him a lot of money but he could not receive it. At the time I was reading his article, I was only a few weeks old on Medium. His article was being distributed to readers by Medium.

I never knew what it felt like to go through the whole partnership programme process. Later on, I realised it, I started reflecting according to how I understood what he had written. Medium’s Partnership Program supports only those who can afford to have a verified stripe account– it’s mostly those living in the United States. It integrates stripe for payment processing to ensure that all payment made to writers are safe and secure.

Stripe is the largest Payment gateway worldwide and many businesses both small, medium and big, use it to process payments. Medium is one of the businesses mentioned above.

I am not sure whether he’s still a Medium writer or not because he was opting to quit the platform for that matter.

How I wish I could help him by then when I read his article. Now that I can help him out, I can’t find him, not even his article and I don’t remember his name but I hope this article will reach and help some other person or even him.

Usually, for anybody to get/receive payments from Medium, they must have submitted their bank details. Medium’s partnership program is not easy to join if you are not from the United States, but at least, you can join it and get paid.

In the process, you will be asked by Stripe to add your account details like a social security number [SSN], EIN–Employer Identification Number or IEIN — International Employer Identification Number or rather, a National Identification Number [NIN]. Most countries don’t consider these.

Now, I never had any of the above except a National Identification Number which was included in my ID card. I also use my ID as a document of verification and I was finally a member of Medium but couldn’t receive payments.

Now all that will seem to be easy right, Yes, I agree but I have just explained the last stage of joining the programme however, before that, there is a stage where you will be required to add your bank details.

Medium will want to know your bank account and individual account routing number. The routing number is a 9 digits code that is used in the United States to determine the location where your account was opened.

This is a feature not available in most countries. Let me say, only banks based in the United States of America can provide individual routing numbers for individual accounts.

What does it mean therefore?

To be able to receive Medium payments, you will need to create a US based checking bank account to be in position to get a routing together with an account number.

I’ve just mentioned a costly step here.

Having a bank account with the most recognised banks in the U.s is at times costly for example, Bank of AmericaCitiBank exetera. Besides acquiring the necessary documents I stated above, you may also need to have a minimum of $1000 to keep your bank account active with these banks. I won’t talk about the taxes levied on checking accounts since that is another huge factor.

There are alternative banks and agencies that help extend services offered by these banks to those living outside the United States of America. People living in places like the UK, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa now use online Banks to open checking accounts in order to receive payments from overseas.

I live in East Africa basically, in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. It took me a year of struggle trying to see that I get paid by Medium.

I was already a partner of Medium but the bank account I had added wasn’t real. I added it accidentally, and because I also purchased a US based telephone number and it expired,therefore, I couldn’t edit my bank details and again, I didn’t have the right bank account. My local bank wasn’t recognized.

All these, made me want out of Medium that’s probably why I went lost for several months. I was focussing on other things worth doing rather than publishing on Medium.

So, this whole stuff made me frustrated, I was too blind because I didn’t know where I was heading to. I wasted a lot of time trying to find a solution to my Medium payments yet the solution was with me.

I underrated (Transferwise) which is now–Wise, one of the best money transfer platforms based and registered in the US to help Non US residents. You may not believe that I got a U.S based checking bank account with Wise at zero cost.

Here, about three weeks ago, I signed up for a Wise account using my phone but I never knew the type of account I was creating. I ignorant that they could not give me account details just like Payoneer. Payoneer is also an online bank that offers such services but I left because my account didn’t have the Global payments feature. 
This feature could allow me to access account details like the ‘routing’ and ‘account number’ but my account didn’t have it so, I ordered the closure of the account. That means I couldn’t have another account with Payoneer.

I had the same experience on Wise at first before requesting for deletion of my account and I considered both of them useless to me– [Wise & Payoneer]

What happens next?

My next option was to purchase an already activated bank account in the U.S. Another costly step though I had gathered a few dollars to have one. Again, purchasing a verified bank account created in Bank of America or CitiBank is too expensive. I still followed one of the online banks—Payoneer. I found a Payoneer account on sale on one website and I was ready to purchase it. When I loaded money onto my credit card, I was worried that my local bank was going to chope part of it because I was aweing the bank some money, so I was tense.

Thanks to the first platform which was to sell to me a bank account because they made it impossible.

The reason was, they only accept crypto currencies which I never knew how to use. My few dollars got saved.

As soon as this seemed impossible, I Googled other ways to creating a U.S based bank account. To my surprise, I found myself in Wise again.

At least this time round I had known what I wanted. My interest was to get a routing number plus an account number to add to my Medium partner account.

I finally got it all done with Wise and within a few hours, had it reviewed and made a first money transfer to my local bank. Two days later, I received my Medium payment as well via Transferwise/Wise.

Think about how much money I was going to loose if I hadn’t gotten to know about Wise – $$$$. I am glad however, that I spent zero [0] dollars in this process but it hurts me that I wasted much time trying to break through in to Medium Partnership otherwise, maybe I would now be at a nother level rather than this I’m currently in. Don’t be like me, get access to the programme by acquiring a U.S bank account.

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