Should you use video content for marketing products/ services

Video marketing for digital/ physical products

Marketing has got so many ways through which it can be done—one of which is video marketing. This is a strategy used by video creators to market anything they want to sell.

So, they don’t have to struggle to write all the necessary information about the product or service but instead, they just talk and content is already set to be created.

Can you imagine someone talking for just about 10–20 minutes on average and they are able to produce content just like that.

Videos do better across various social networks because they are much more engaging than static content. This creates a great opportunity for marketing since there could be a large exposure to it.

Now creating that kind of video is simpler than writing an article. Unlike in writing, you will need to add a few video effects to make it attractive and eye-catching so viewers stay on it for long.

If one has to use videos to market products, you don’t even need to have a website. All you need is to find the best platforms to put your videos because they require a great exposure to get discovered.

Youtube is one platform where most content creators upload their videos but there also other alternatives.  Personally, I recommend Instagram as number one on the list.

However, there is also a YouTube’s counterpart known as – “”– a platform which is dedicated to hosting and paying video creators for their efforts on the videos they upload.

It will look unbelievable but it’s even good to hope that this website will at one point divert 80% of Youtube’s creators because these guys claim to pay every creator on daily basis depending on how many ad views they get in a day. You just need to give them a try.

Hopefully, you can generate traffic for Howtubes as well but not all platforms will work just as it. Certain social networks are best for static content like pictures and texts but for video content, you must look to YouTube, Instagram and of course Howtubes.

Once you think that you now have enough traffic, you can begin to market products so easily in your videos and people will definitely buy the product/ products or services. Today, people love to watch more than to read and this is why I am emphasising on video content so much.

The good fact is that nowadays there more platforms that enable video hosting and creators get paid. For example, talk about Udemy, YouTube, Howtubes, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others that are not well known. You want to look them up just in case you are much eager to know all of them.

8 thoughts on “Should you use video content for marketing products/ services

  1. This is amazing video marketing tip for Internet marketers, So You Can Quickly & Easily Make…I’ve been a long time marketer in all sorts of small niches and honestly I struggled with video.

    Beautiful Video Creation Should Be The Easiest Part Of Your Day. CHECK.

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