How to source for high-quality content for an affiliate marketing website

Every prolific writer out there is surely experienced in the field of creating content and sourcing for it isn’t hard for them. Like any other writer, you who are doing this affiliate marketing literally want to have the same qualities if you are marketing through written content. In order to be productive, you need to write frequently but you know, sometimes, getting what to write becomes a problem. That is the time when maybe you are taken up by other tasks that need to be accomplished as well right? It gives you a shallow mind because the brain will be overloaded but nevertheless, you always have a solution to every problem and every challenge that you face in your writing career. How about if you try to make your own arrangements and decide when to read, publish, and when not to?

In this article, I will share the principles of writing content for an affiliate marketing website. We’ve seen many affiliate sites make a lot of money in the beginning but then, in the long run, when things start changing dropping and retarding, these sites are prone to collapse. I will give you an example as Clickfunnels.

This is a company that was making millions of dollars by helping people to sell their products online. Somewhere in the past years, it had collapsed because of the competition from other market places like Amazon, Jvzoo, and many others. This was all because of how the website’s content is created and written.

Finding what to write is not just picking a topic and you write about it. People use the internet to search, learn, and find solutions to problems that they can’t address. In that case, when you find a topic to write about, think about what problem you will have solved by the time someone finished reading your content or that particular post

This is what I usually do when selecting content for this blog/ website.

I always have almost no time for writing like I used to do before. One of these days, I have made up a routine that since I won’t be in position to publish frequently, I can do it once in a week. Every Thursday, I have a new post up and I believe that I can keep moving with this regular time interval.

When I am selecting content to put here, I have to consider it’s relevancy and sometimes, I don’t want to write in abstract form. I don’t even use heavy English phrases because I want to create a better reading experience for my audiences across different platforms. All these are tips that I use to establish a good relationship with the people that I write for.

Now, here is what you’ve got to do if you want to be very productive in your affiliate site. It is a list of best practices to enable you to come up with better quality content and never luck what to write.

Best practices for choosing the right topics and the rest of the content

  1. Googling content.

Searching for content is my mannerism nowadays not because I luck what to write. It is because I want to discover and write high quality and very prolific content. Writing to give a solution to a certain problem. So, before I get to write a post/ an article, I must have seen how valuable it will be before publishing.

It is very practical writing what will rank in the near future better than other topics. Sometimes, I have so much content to put up here but when I look at how I can scale it up, I see that it may not make any sense. I might end up writing a feck article that does not resonate at all. So, I try to save my posts and articles from this trap. What do I mean to say?

When you google search for a chosen keyword, you will be able to determine all articles with the same or similar titles similar to that keyword. And because you have to see all the related topics, it helps you to avoid choosing the right topic for your new post but you don’t want to copy the same title from an already published article. Make it a little different from all the other posts.

  1. Finding appropriate keywords.

As of today, every aspect of website/content management has to be in line with SEO. One of the best ways to rank content is by using keywords and right keywords result in to good search engine optimization. It is also important to find the right keywords for your post at least 20 keywords are recommended.

Now, when you find appropriate keywords to add in to content that you have written, don’t forget to add the first and main keyphrase in the title of your post and also within the first paragraph because, it has to be the first to be seen by search engines.

  1. Tagging.

Tags, tags, tags! Speaking about tags, these are a category of related keywords to the main keyword. Usually, when I use a keyword search tool to study a particular keyword, I take the first five results on the list as my main phrases from which I have to select one. Once I have the main keywords, the other related search terms are what I will use as my post tags. This strategy works pretty well and you should try it as well.

  1. Link building

And here is the most important aspect of all SEO practices. Besides keywords, good content must come with good links to it both internally and externally. If your content is full of broken links or those which may have something to do with spam, then it’s never going to rank hence makes it poor content. When you have trusted websites linked to your blog, it is most likely to be recognised as well.

Normally, some people will want to link to your content even if they know that their main source is not secure. Such links are what you’ve got to avoid. In fact, you need to mark them as spam whenever you receive a notification about that. Know which sites to links to and who links to your content.

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