Is it possible to do both the two of these;- affiliate marketing and blogging?

Blogging and affiliate marketing at the same time

Is it possible to be an affiliate marketer as well as a blogger?

You probably have an answer right there I suppose. The answer to this question is yes☑️ and now there needs to be an explanation. Now I strongly believe that we all know what affiliate marketing is and we also know what blogging is. In case you have no idea, I can define these two.

Affiliate marketing is a technique of promoting products and services belonging to a certain organisation/business with the aim of earning a commission once a product is bought through your link.

Also, blogging, from the word blog, is referred to as writing bulk content inform of texts, pictures, and videos to pass a message to people through a medium known as a blog/ website.

Examples of blog websites

So, now we see that the two words and very different from each other but we might also want to know the people who get involved in these activities of promoting/marketing and writing content. And the names of these people are actually derived from the same phrases, for example, an affiliate marketer and a blogger.

Ideally, there is a possibility that one can be an affiliate marketer and at the same time a writer/blogger, and here is why.

First, I want you to know that the two ideas are not equal in the normal sense because one is the main topic and the other, a subatomic.

Affiliate marketing can be made a subtopic in a blog website but a blog can not be a subsidiary for affiliate marketing. So, when one starts a blog and begins to write content on it, it is very easy for them to decide what content to publish on their blog. In this case, affiliate marketing may come in.

With a blog, they will be in a position to write all categories of content but of course, they have to be specific on only one or two topics. Affiliate marketing is available in every topic you may choose to write about in your blog. It does not matter whether you are writing to educate, entertain, express your feeling, or to inspire. The affiliate marketing part of it will still be available.

A Picture blog example

Once you have written content for a blog post, you decide to include affiliate links within your content in a professional way, and that way, you are writing and at the same time marketing a product(s).

There is total no problem with doing both affiliate marketing and blogging, in fact, blogging stands as a foundation for you to promote your links because it is where you are most likely to generate traffic. Besides social media, a blog is the first priority always.

I hope I have made it clear to everyone who had the same question in mind.

Thank you for reading and regards to you

18 thoughts on “Is it possible to do both the two of these;- affiliate marketing and blogging?

  1. I completely agree! Blogging is a long-term strategy enabling you to build a network of like-minded people, and also from the marketing side, to generate leads and customers. I think the second, marketing aspect is less important for the life of your blog, in fact, people will get turned off if you are just trying to use your blog to sell things without giving any personally useful and interesting info. If you can provide entertaining and original content, then the people who engage with that may well also, down the line, follow up on your affiliate recommendations. Thanks! Tim

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    1. You are absolutely right, Timothy. I got to learn that it is not easy for someone to read your content if there is nothing that drives them to read. That’s is why there is a need to write while catering for the different audience interests even in single topics.

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  2. Its a balance, but if done correctly it can be very profitable. I would include that first, make sure you have chosen a marketing niche that you actually enjoy. If you don’t enjoy what you actually call work, this will never work. If you have found a way to make money from a hobby or something you enjoy, it only makes since to pair your marketing efforts inside your blog. Blogging is easy if its something your passionate about, so I would encourage everyone to find a way to monetize what they love doing in life, and one easy way can be through affiliate marketing.

    Example, fitness; if you love fitness, its easy to start a fitness blog. From there see if your favorite fitness brands, products or services offer an affiliate or referral program. If so, boom. You are now a blogger that is also an affiliate marketer.

    Example #2; Fitness whole sub in your mouth… If you enjoy food or cooking, becoming a food blogger is just as easy. From there you can pair it with affiliate programs around that niche such as a company that sells your favorite cooking brands.

    The examples can be endless, but I will end with this. If your not making money doing what you love in life, its likely someone else is.

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