How to generate Facebook traffic with the audience tool kit- simple social tool’s re

Facebook is a better place to drive traffic. The fact that it is the third largest and popularly used platform after Google and YouTube, make it a better place because 70% of the Facebook community comes from Africa.

This can be a target audience if one considers using their Facebook accounts to send people to a website or a channel.

It is not a simple job to drive Facebook traffic due to some reasons as of the restrictions set along with Facebook privacy policies. Never mind about that anyway because I am here to tell you how to deal with it.

I will be telling you how to go about it at the end of this post. Facebook does not work comfortably when its community members use or share links within their own profiles or to a friend’s timeline, a group or page.

When one does that, it is seen as an insecure form of communication. So, because that, it is ideally very difficult to share information from an external website including YouTube, to a friend or group of friends. Do you know why this is?

As soon as you share a link to Facebook, the Facebook algorithm will limit the number of people who see your post.

This will directly affect your post engagement and if you share misleading information, your engagement will soon drop and you can easily see zero likes every time you make a post. And that is a more discouraging factor.

The people who use Facebook are 70% of youth who have nothing to do in there except to watch, read and view images. These are the category of people to be targeted for traffic.

How to deal with Facebook traffic

The best way to win Facebook traffic is by automating it. If you do that, everything is a walkover. Did you know that you could build an audience of over 30,000 friends on Facebook? Ask me how.

Well, we all know that having a personal Facebook account allows only 5000 friends and when you reach that limit, you can not approve more friendly requests for that account.

That is one of the privacy policies which Facebook introduced to protect its users from scam. You can breakthrough that limit and add more friends than you know to your account or target friends of friends. There is no penalty if you do this.

So, how do you get to this? Use the audience tool kit- Simple Social Tools software. You gotta traffic for your site or channel.


21 thoughts on “How to generate Facebook traffic with the audience tool kit- simple social tool’s re

  1. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin … There are a multitude of social networks, both for business people and for other people. The platforms have different functions, purposes and are largely controlled by the young audience, the most active in the segment. This technological revolution, which has settled in everyone’s lives in the last half century, will continue to expand and capture much of their free time. Below, we can analyze the most important advantages and disadvantages of social networks and then conclude the desire of everyone to live more in the virtual world than in the real world. Advantages:
    1. Global connectivity These portals allow you to stay in touch with family and friends, with whom for various reasons no correspondence has been made for some time. Thus, there is a sure way to be closer to loved ones, although distance intervenes in relationships.
    2. Virtual groups Groups of this type will always be a reliable source to provide either information about everyday problems or to share opinions with other people on various topics. It can be concluded that the forums on Google have been replaced.
    3. Additional information Social networks are another way to get information about different current topics in each person’s life. It is now much easier to find other sources of information than the old sites offered by search engines.
    4. A democratic environment Although social networks have imposed strict rules of operation, each user can manage his account at will, as long as it does not violate the rules.
    Within the social networks you can upload information of any kind, photos with different content, announcements and opinions about the most controversial topics in everyday life.

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